Negril Massage Services

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  1. Cancellation policy – at least 24 hours notice or it will be forfeited
  2. Sexual harassment in words or innuendos is not tolerated and will result in the ending of the massage with no reimbursement to the client, and full prosecution under the law
  3. Intake forms are required for all massages
  4. Discounted quotes expire after 7 days
  5. Gratuity is not included, and is appreciated for a job well done
  6. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  7. No Refunds and all sales and purchases are final
  8. Weather Policy – in case of a storm we usually cancel 3 hours before the appointment and reschedule based on how safe the massage therapist feels to be on the road.
  9. Couples Massage or a massage with another person (other than client and MT) present – The client should not be touched in any way by a person other than the massage therapist or the massage will end immediately with no refund.
  10. Sickness – we suggest not getting a massage when you are sick unless you have been antibiotic for a few days already. We still need a 24 hour advance notice for any rescheduling in this case.